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A compilation of stories, telescopes, internship resources, and other things radio astronomy.

Bennu and OSIRIS-REx Clear Sticker


science-inspired art created by Olivia Harper Wilkins
proceeds support her science communication efforts

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Bennu and OSIRIS-REx Clear Sticker


Bennu and OSIRIS-REx Clear Sticker


Get a sample from another world with this 3.00”x2.86” clear sticker showing OSIRIS-REx at the asteroid Bennu. OSIRIS-REx—Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorerleft Earth in September 2016 for the carbonaceous near-Earth asteroid 101955 Bennu. From Bennu, the explorer aims to retrieve a sample of at least 60 grams, which it will bring back to Earth seven years after it’s start-of-mission in 2023, at which time the sample will undergo extensive analysis on Earth.

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