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A compilation of stories, telescopes, internship resources, and other things radio astronomy.


science-inspired art created by Olivia Harper Wilkins
proceeds support her science communication efforts

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Erlenmeyer Flask Earrings (green)


Erlenmeyer Flask Earrings (green)


These earrings feature a hand-painted Erlenmeyer flask filled with a green solution matching the embroidery thread used to assemble the earrings. The flask painted on the 1-inch wood disk is also sometimes called a conical flask. This type of laboratory glassware was created in 1860 by Emil Erlenmeyer, a German chemist who focused mostly on theoretical work. The Erlenmeyer flask is an excellent choice for mixing contents by swirling given its slanted sides and narrow neck. But, like beakers, it should be avoided for volumetric measurements.

Free shipping to the U.S.

***Earring hook in picture shown to model only and was replaced with an unworn hook for sale.

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