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A compilation of stories, telescopes, internship resources, and other things radio astronomy.


science-inspired art created by Olivia Harper Wilkins
proceeds support her science communication efforts

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Galaxy Round-bottom Flask Clear Sticker


Galaxy Round-bottom Flask Clear Sticker


The evolution of the Milky Way and the evolution of the chemistry that gave us life as we know it has gone hand-in-hand for over 13 billion years. This clear sticker shows a sketch of the Milky Way galaxy contained in a round-bottom flask, with new stars of varying spectral types bubbling up from the celestial concoction within. Use your imagination to interpret this sticker as a symbol for astrochemistry, the Milky Way as a fantastic laboratory, or the beginnings of life in star dust. Or if you’d rather skip the poetics, you’re welcome to appreciate this as nothing more than an abstract piece of space art.

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