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A compilation of stories, telescopes, internship resources, and other things radio astronomy.

Graduate School: Applying, Living, Thesising

The Professional Student is a blog about everything grad school from the application process to my experiences living as a grad student, being a parent in grad school, and researching the role of chemistry in the evolution of our universe.

My academic life on paper: my annotated CV

Olivia Wilkins

Submitting a CV with your graduate school application is an important part for the admissions committee to get a sense of your accomplishments and interests. In an earlier post, I described the functionality of a CV, what to include, and some formatting tips. Here, I've included an annotated copy of the CV I included in my own applications to give a concrete example of what you may want to include and how to present it.

I wrote my CV in LaTeX, a word processor used heavily in the sciences, especially in mathematics, physics, and astronomy. The font used was Computer Modern (LaTeX default). I developed my own template, which I can share upon request.