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A compilation of stories, telescopes, internship resources, and other things radio astronomy.


Scoping out Radio Astronomy

A blog dedicated to telling the history of radio astronomy: its evolution, its discoveries, and its telescopes

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James Stanley Hey, the Sun, and Extragalactic Radio

Olivia Wilkins

Like his radio astronomer predecessors Jansky and Reber, James Stanley Hey's celestial observations were originally discovered. Hey first observed solar radiation while fighting German communications jams during World War II, and he continued on to detect the first extragalactic radio waves (which were originally dubbed "radio stars").

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Astronomy Down Under: Parkes Observatory

Olivia Wilkins

  In the middle of New South Wales, Australia, lies "The Dish" - a 64-meter radio telescope that has long played a part in contemporary astronomy history. Known as "the grand old lady of astronomy," the Parkes Radio Telescope brought us broadcasts of the Apollo 11 lunar mission, received signals from the Mars rover Opportunity, and even starred in its own film.

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